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What is Light Painting

Light Painting is a technique in photography. Hereby images are created in long-term exposure by the move of a light source in a dark environment.

The procedure
Light Painting is done during long exposure in a dark environment such as e.g. blackbox or outdoor. A lamp is held in the direction of the camera and moved during the exposure. Thereby lines and shapes are created.

The light source
Each light source developed its own light, which is influenced by the power source and the light intensity. We use LED, xenon and incandescent bulbs. With pocket lamps of different types we can create a variety of patterns, line width and colors.


Very simple

Light painting can be used very differently e.g. as highlight for events, stage shows, music videos or to highlight a product. Since 5 years we work with this form of event marketing. Our client, the audience and especially the people photographed are fascinated and excited about our art.

We are booked internationally by various companies who want to offer their guests a Very special highlight at an event or during a presentation.

Why is Light Painting so popular at events?
With Light Painting you can enchant your guests, because for most it is an unknown art and thus a whole new experience. We have photographed at major events, with more than 5,000 photographs and 8,000 visitors over a period of 2.5 months. Each guest was thrilled. Many of them came back a few days later with friends or relatives. Light Painting is an extremely effective advertising medium with which your customers will connect a special experience.



Here you can see some of our references.
Examples of how your company, or even a new product could be staged.


ZDF Aspekte Tattoo Convention Berlin
Tattoo Convention Berlin Beach Club Ibizar Lomography

Individual BlackBoxen

We have individual BlackBoxes for your event in the range.

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Light Painting is becoming increasingly popular for the event.
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Let us create an individual offer for your next event,
music video, product presentation or stage show.

Lightpainting Inhaber

Björn Mairose Owner of Lightpainting ART

„Light Painting for me is magical kind to present images without great help of
editing. It is always fun to watch when I
jump back and forth to create an image in its diversity."